Re: using DODS AS as a DODS server

Jonathan Callahan wrote:

Hi all,

I've set up my DODS Aggregation server and am having difficulty in the earliest stages. I can get it to serve up data from a remote DODS server but I cannot get it to *act* as a DODS server and deliver local files.

I've checked that the files and directories I'm trying to access are all world readable.

Any help getting me started would be appreciated.
View the xml with the HTML viewer:

(I presume the serviceName is not seen in the local dataset because it uses 'serviceName="this"'?)
Look at the server:
-- Jonathan Callahan

Hi Jonathan:

Your config file looks ok to me. It would expect that the local netcdf file is at:


I did fix several bugs yesterday, and there is a new release as of 6:40 pm MDT. Would you get and run that one? Im not sure it will fix the problem, but at least I will be sure of what version you have. Get it from

Let me know if it still isnt working

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