New Catalog XML Draft

Proposed changes to the THREDDS catalog format are at:

The current format is documented at:

Summary of changes:
  a.. add <attribute> elements to collection, dataset, service
  b.. rename "server" element to "service".
  c.. add new service types: (DODS | ADDE | NetCDF | Catalog | FTP | OpenGIS
|  WSDL | Other) .
  d.. allow multiple services per dataset: add <access> child element of
dataset, where you list any number of services for that dataset, and add
<serviceList> element so you can define a list of services. "serviceId" now
refers to either a service or a serviceList. Use a serviceList when the same
dataset urlPath can be appended onto all service bases.
  e.. generalize <datasetDescRef> element to <metadataRef>, where
"DatasetDesc" is one of several metadata types. proposed types: (DatasetDesc
| DublinCore | DIF | ADN | FGDC | LAS | Other)
  f.. add "ID" and "alias" attributes to dataset, so that a dataset can be
an alias to another dataset.
Please send comments to me or to this list.

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