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Should probably look into this for ESML (and THREDDS) content metadata

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The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) is working through the
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop a Profile of
the ISO 19115 Metadata DIS for North America along with counterparts
from Canada. Passage of ISO as Intl Standard is anticipated later
in 2002 at which time, ANSI will move to vote on it and include a
Technical Amendment 1 that will elevate the conditionality of certain
metadata elements to the same level as exist in the FGDC Metadata
Content Standard.

By June 2002 the FGDC will receive, under contract, a translation
tool, in the form of an XSL Transform (XSLT) that will convert 
existing FGDC metadata in XML format to ISO 19115 in XML format,
adhering to the published draft XML Schema for 19115 and considering
the conditionality issues above.

Services Metadata (ISO 19119) is not ready to be adopted by ANSI
pending work still being completed in the OGC's Web Services 
Initiative. The relationship between data metadata and services
metadata in an operational setting still does not have an accepted
solution within the GIS and Web Services industry.

The FGDC is also leading a Geospatial OneStop Initiative nationally
to define core abstract schemas for commonly-used Framework data
themes and equivalent XML encodings. This standards development
effort will conform to ISO Rules for Application Schema, Encoding,
Spatial and Temporal, and is intended to match the New Work Item
proposal of Geography Markup Language (GML) now entering the ISO
process. The result will be implemented by many community participants
in the form of compatible Web Feature Services supporting the seven
Core data schemas for information exchange using OGC Web Feature
and Web Coverage Services, supplemented by Web Mapping Services 
for views only. OneStop will be operational within 18-24 months
for most if not all of the seven themes, by lead federal government 
agencies and participating non-federal contributors.

Douglas D. Nebert
Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Coordinator 
FGDC/GSDI Secretariat   Phone: +1 703 648 4151  Fax: +1 703 648-5755    
Pager Messaging:        http://clearinghouse3.fgdc.gov/dougmsg.html

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