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I'm forwarding an email interchange regarding NSDL metadata. The conversation was spawned by a reference to an IEEE standard for software metadata called BIDM (basic interoperability data model.) Up to now THREDDS has not concerned itself with this sort of metadata, but perhaps we should consider it because a significant element of THREDDS is to provide software for accessing and analyzing scientific data.

-- Ben

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mic learning objects

Shirley, the NSDL team at Cornell (through Diane) are making such crosswalks
and pointers to such crosswalks available to various communities at large.
So once such  cross-walks are complete, they can be "published" for wide use
thus promoting interoperability..

Stuart Sutton

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dynamic learning objects


Looks like we'll need to do a crosswalk for the BIDM to the Dublin Core
anyway for our project, so we can make it available to anyone who wants
to use it.

Shirley Moore
Active-Netlib project

On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, Diane I. Hillmann wrote:

Susan, Mimi, et al.:

I've taken the liberty of copying this comment to the standards-general
list, in hopes of bringing in some of the metadata-aware folks on that
into this conversation.

I found Susan's reply very interesting and took a look at the links she
suggested, which seemed perfectly relevant to the question posed.  One
concern I had was that Mimi's question ended with the phrase, " ... in the

NSDL context," and I wanted to attempt a bit of an addendum to Susan's
answer based on some concerns I see buried in this exchange.

While the metadata options Susan mentions may be a good fit for Mimi's
collection, this does not necessarily mean that it is automatically so "in

the NSDL context." NSDL will be built based on a metadata repository
expecting to process a limited number of metadata formats (I refer
to the recently published paper in DLIB Magazine for more details: ). In order to assure
that the metadata that Mimi's project creates can be exposed to potential
users via the NSDL, there needs to be some planning, somewhere, to make
sure that there is a way to crosswalk the metadata into the NSDL metadata
lingua franca (Dublin Core).  Choosing a standard format, as Susan has
suggested, makes far more long-term sense than making something up, and I
commend Mimi for going the extra mile to find a standard that suits her

On the other hand, the BIDM is not now one of the standard formats that
NSDL is expecting to process routinely (information on those formats is at

the NSDL Metadata Resources Page, at: ).  Does that mean that
Mimi shouldn't use it? No, but it means that Mimi, or anyone else using a
format not already listed needs to make some extra efforts to make sure
that the format they're using "natively" will be usable as well by the
Metadata Repository, preferably BEFORE it comes time to import their
records into the repository.  How to do that?  My suggestions are as

1. Get in contact with the body maintaining the standards, and see if they

already have a crosswalk to Dublin Core;
2. If they don't, suggest that it would be really great if they could
create and support one.  Tell them why;
3. If they won't, find some other users and see if anyone has already done

a crosswalk;
4. If they haven't, let the metadata mavens on the Standards and Metadata
Workspace know that you need some help (preferably via the
Standards-general mailing list: standards-general@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Keep in mind that the CI group at Cornell, currently engaged in building
the Metadata Repository and associated software and processes, has a
full plate right now, and any efforts you make towards a recognizable
metadata format with an already existing DC crosswalk will pay off, big
time, for us all.


At 10:03 AM 1/14/2002 -0700, Susan Jesuroga wrote:

> Mimi,
> I don't have a specific answer to your question, however there is an

> collections project that is organizing numerical software for science
> and

> engineering. They are using the IEEE standard for software metadata
> BIDM (basic interoperability data model.) Might be worth getting some
> input from these folks since their focus is also in reuse.
> The PI is Jack Dongarra (dongarra@xxxxxxxxxx) at the U. of Tennessee,
> Knoxville. Some background info on the tools used in the project is at
> and info on the BIDM
> standard  is at
> I've taken the liberty to CC Prof. Dongarra on this email to see if we
> get a conversation going about the best way to resolve your question
> parameter initialization metadata.
> Susan
> *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*
> Susan Jesuroga
> Technical Project Liaison
> UCAR Central Office
> NSDL Core Integration
> jesuroga@xxxxxxxx
> 303-497-2942
> --On Friday, January 11, 2002 4:43 PM -0700 Mimi Recker
> <mimi.recker@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> hello,
>> please excuse me if this has been discussed; i just joined the list.
>> we have a small collection of math education applets (the MATTI
>> collection at Utah State University) for which we are creating
>> metadata.
>> One functionality we would like to support is the ability to store
>> parameter initialization values for these applets (or other kinds of
>> dynamic web objects (flash, director, applet...)) so that users could
>> emded these inline into a web page.
>> A kludgy solution is something like:
>> metadata field name: "inline html"
>> metadata value: "<applet ...param values...>" or "<embed ...>" or
>> "<object ...>"
>> Can anyone propose a standard solution to this thatt works in the NSDL
>> context? Thanks,
>> --
>> mimi recker
>> dept. of instructional technology
>> utah state university, logan, ut, 84322-2830
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>> Collections-group@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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