Re: orthogonality (was Re: New attempt)

Benno Blumenthal wrote:

> John Caron wrote:
>> Much harder question is the distinction between a dataset and a
>> collection,
>> since a dataset is a collection of data. I have conceptualized it as
>> follows: a dataset is something that can be selected, and then it is
>> processed in a protocol-dependent way. A collection is a
>> protocol-independent mechanism for grouping datasets.
> I think this is what is getting us into trouble.    The concept of a
> dataset should be independent of the services available for it:  a
> dataset served from two different servers could very well have
> different services/protocols available, depending on the server.  (the
> aggregation server converts collections to datasets, for example).
> Yet from the THREDDS/educational point of view, it is the same object.

I agree with this as well.   I've been trying to reconcile how a catalog
might look for a
particular multifile 'dataset' which has both WMS and DODS access
available for it.   For WMS (for multifile) datasets the access point
would be at the
collection level, while for 'non-aggregated' datasets the DODS access
be lower than the collection level, at the THREDDS dataset level.   It
seems that
the concept of a dataset resides more at the collection level, maybe the
access binding is too tightly coupled to the dataset concept in the
current draft.


> Benno
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