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Sent: Monday, June 03, 2002 1:05 PM

> Hi John,
> Something interesting I just came across in "Building Web Services with
> Java":
> "Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) ... explicitly forbids the use of
> DTDs for defining document structure"
> They also say that
> "data-oriented XML applications have moved away from DTDs; these
> applications use another mechanism to validate XML documents and to
> enforce document structure and datatype rules. To address the problems
> inherent in DTDs, the XML community developed XML Schema.."
> Something to consider for THREDDS catalogs..
> - Joe

thanks for the info, i didnt realize about the "explicit forbid".

We have been closely following XML Schema, and expect to eventually use it
instead of DTDs. SOAP looks like a likely winner for delivering services,
and we may prototype something in it soon.

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