20020603: displaying NEXRCOMP imagery at NTSB

>From: Salottolo Greg <SalottG@xxxxxxxx>
>Organization: NTSB
>Keywords: 200206031322.g53DMRJ22607 TREDDS ADDE NEXRCOMP

Hi Greg,

>Would there be any problem with us occasionally displaying NEXRCOMP Images
>as a continuously running loop (4 images an hour for local times of about
>0700 to 1500 Mon - Fri).

No, there is no problem in you doing that.  I see that someone at NTSB
downloaded the BREF24.ET enhancement that is designed to be used for
the NEXRCOMP 1 and 6 km N0R composites.  If you are interested in
viewing the 2 km N1P (1-hour precipitation) and/or 4 km NTP (storm
total precipitation) products that are also in NEXRCOMP, you will want
to download the updated versions of PRE1.ET and PRET.ET from the
pub/mcidas/data directory of anonymous FTP on our FTP server,
ftp.unidata.ucar.edu.  While you are at it, you might as well download
the MDR.ET enhancement that was modified for use with the 10 km RCM
composites that are also part of NEXRCOMP.

>We understand that these images are experimental.

OK, thanks for acknowledging this.  We are encouraging our sites to use
the images and evaluate their utility as compared to the individual
NEXRAD Level III products that are freely available in NOAAPORT.  Any
commnets you would have on the composites would be appreciated.

For reference, the N0R composites contain information from all NEXRADs
that are reporting.  This means that they include output from stations
running in clear air mode as well as ones running in precip or storm
modes.  This also means that the timing of the images included in the
composites is different from station to station.

One last thing, the NEXRCOMP images are also available on other
cooperating Unidata community ADDE servers:


The server that holds the longest record of the NEXRCOMP images is
pscwx.plymouth.edu; Plymouth State tries to maintain the last
360 of these images.  The other machines more-or-less have the
same length record of the images, anywhere between 12 and 24 images.

You are welcome to use any of these servers for the NEXRCOMP, RTNEXRAD,
the servers have NOAAOPRT model data in RTGRIDS, but not all.

One last note just as information.  The ADDE usage on all of the above
machines is logged.  This is done mainly to see which datasets are
popular.  We are not trying to play the part of "Big Brother".

>Thanks ..

No worries.  We are glad that things being done in the Unidata community
can help!



>From SalottG@xxxxxxxx Mon Jun  3 08:20:33 2002
>Subject: RE: 20020603: displaying NEXRCOMP imagery at NTSB

Thanks Tom ... We will download the other enhancements.


Greg ..

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