Re: NSDL metadata for THREDDS datasets

Hello all,

I would agree strongly with Jeff. Actually I think he is extending the original
idea of Confucius. Few people know that when he said "Every journey starts with
a few steps" he was really talking about software development projects or that
he then said "and it is really hard to turn around!".

Starting with this very small set of metadata fields is particularly ironic
when we hear so many people complaining about the lack of "Use Metadata" that
they need to actually do something with the data. I would expect that LDM is a
use metadata rich environment. To bad to lose it all.

A bunch of links to metadata crosswalks at:

Information on the remote sensing extensions to FGDC that you are going to need
for the types of data you are interested in: Somewhere I had a PPT on
this extension, but I can't track it down electronically...

Ted Habermann

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