Re: International interoperability

> In my opinion, THREDDS should develop a shared XML framework in order
> to realise middleware components and make systems interoperable.
> [...]
> 1) Service discovery level (UDDI); 2) Service description level
> (WSDL); 3) Web services level (XML Protocol, ebXML, SOAP); 4) Data
> format specification level (DTD, XML Schema, XMI); 5) Data
> representation level (XML, XML namespaces); 6) Communication protocol
> level (TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP).

FYI, the OpenGIS Consortium is presently starting to address these XML
issues with vigor at both the service level (using UDDI, WSDL, SOAP) and
XML file formats for data (using DTDs and XML Schema for Geographic
Markup Language [GML], ArcXML [by ESRI], LandXML(?) [by someone else]).

It would be wise of THREDDS to participate in or align with this

-Jeff DLB

                 Dr Jeff de La Beaujardiere
        NASA Goddard Space Flight Center * Code 933
       delabeau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx * +1 301 286 1569
            Digital Earth *

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