THREDDS update

Good news for THREDDS project participants,

Just last week, we received funding to begin work on the THREDDS project.

Hopefully we'll have more detailed information about status and plans soon, but we've been holding off somewhat -- pending the rescheduling of a meeting of all the NSDL (National Science, math, engineering, technology eduation Digital Library) PIs. The meeting was postponed because of the terrorist attacks.

In the meantime, you can get an almost-up-to-date-but-somewhat-general status update at:

(Don't forget to follow the pointer at the end for the technical update.)

Thanks for your patience.

  Ben Domenico                Unidata Deputy Director           P.O. Box 3000
  ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx              Boulder, CO 80307
  (303)497-8631                    FAX: (303)497-8690

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