THREDDS Proposal Draft

Hi all,

Although we are working feverishly on the next draft of our THREDDS proposal to the NSF NSDL announcement of opportunity, I've created an HTML version of yesterday's draft and made it available in:

Please bear with us on the problems with figures, references, typos and somewhat fractured flow at this point, but I think it's readable enough to make it available to you now.

Also this is our first attempt to make use of our thredds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list which we believe has all the collaborators email addresses, so let me know if you'd like to be removed from the list. On the other hand, if you know of someone who should be on the list, but has been left off, I can take care of that also.

Thanks for your patience.

  Ben Domenico                Unidata Acting Director           P.O. Box 3000
  ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx              Boulder, CO 80307
  (303)497-8631                    FAX: (303)497-8690

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