[python-users] goes-restitch breaking on current G16 Meso1 data


I'm using Unidata's goes-restitch.py to merge the GOES-R tiles coming from
NOAAPort.  It's been working well for years with nary an issue, until this

>From what I can tell, GOES-16 Mesoscale-1 was moved over the Atlantic
(9.5N/41W, header of TISU.. ) at around 12Z, and almost immediately my
ldmd.log began filling up with what I'm pasting below.  After about an hour
of that, it began to impact the rest of our satellite processing
operation.  I've cut out G16 Meso1 from processing at the pqact, remade the
queue & restarted LDM, and everything has been fine since.  But if I try to
re-enable that, my LDM log starts filling up with those errors right away
again.  I tried to set the goes-restitch.py logging to verbose, but no
errors were being reported in that log file, only the ldmd.log file.

If anyone else uses goes-restitch.py with NOAAPort tiles, are you seeing
the same thing?  I don't store the tiles locally so I haven't interrogated
them yet to see if anything has changed, but it sure seems like this script
doesn't like something about these SU tiles coming in.

Note: I am using a slightly modified version of goes-restitch.py to execute
another script once a full set of tiles has been stitched together so it
can be acted upon.  If you're wondering about the "-e
/home/scripts/sat/goes_mcidas/manager.py -p" bit below, that's all it's
doing.  I submitted a pull-request for this a while back, so the code
changes can be seen here: https://github.com/Unidata/ldm-alchemy/pull/4.
Again, this has never been an issue for the several years I've been using

ldmd.log output example:
20200721T120016.942166Z pqact[59355]                pbuf.c:pbuf_flush:113
            ERROR Broken pipe
20200721T120016.942279Z pqact[59355]                pbuf.c:pbuf_flush:113
            ERROR Couldn't write to pipe: fd=1021, len=4096
20200721T120016.942298Z pqact[59355]                filel.c:pipe_put:1930
            ERROR Couldn't write 307601-byte product to pipe
20200721T120016.942317Z pqact[59355]                filel.c:pipe_out:2115
            ERROR Couldn't write product data to pipe
20200721T120016.942335Z pqact[59355]
 filel.c:pipe_prodput:2178           ERROR Couldn't pipe product to decoder
"-metadata /home/scripts/ldm-alchemy/goes-restitch.py -q -d /home/data/goes
-t 60 -e /home/scripts/sat/goes_mcidas/manager.py -p -l
/home/ldm/var/logs/goes-restitch/SU.log SU 211200"
20200721T120016.942353Z pqact[59355]
 filel.c:pipe_prodput:2187           ERROR Decoder terminated prematurely
20200721T120016.942375Z pqact[59355]
 filel.c:fl_removeAndFree:425        ERROR Deleting failed PIPE entry:
pid=66861, cmd="-metadata /home/scripts/ldm-alchemy/goes-restitch.py -q -d
/home/data/goes -t 60 -e /home/scripts/sat/goes_mcidas/manager.py -p -l
/home/ldm/var/logs/goes-restitch/SU.log SU 211200"



Mike Zuranski
Meteorology Support Analyst
College of DuPage - Nexlab
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