[python-users] Fwd: Python-AWIPS GFS Composite Reflectivity

When using the DataAccessLayer Framework in Python-AWIPS, I am trying to
get to GFS Composite Reflectivity data ("REFC") as can be found in the
RAP13 and NAM12 datasets in AWIPS, but this variable isn't in the GFS
available parameter list.

NCEP hosts grib2 files of GFS data and those can be filtered down to the
REFC variable, so I know it is available. The NCEP g2sub webpage here
you pull this variable, so I am assuming this can also be pulled into AWIPS
EDEX server.

Any thoughts on how to get this data through the DataAccessLayer Framework
for GFS data?


Bryan Guarente
Meteorologist/Instructional Designer
The COMET Program
Boulder, CO
*My working hours may differ from your own.  Please do not feel obligated
to reply outside of standard business hours.*
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