[python-users] netCDF4/h5Py in the same Python 3 script

Hi all,

I'm new to Python and reaching out here for information on an issue I ran
into. My issue is that I'm unable to close a netCDF4 object and write a
file to disk without error if I import h5py and netcdf4 in the same script.
If I remove the "import h5py" line, the script works fine.

Is this a known/common issue? Is there a way in which I can use both h5py
and netcdf4 modules in the same Python script without generating these
types of errors? What's the best workaround for this?

I'm not providing an example script here, but some environment details are
below. I can provide other info as needed.

CentOS 7
Python 3.6
pip virtual environment with h5py and netcdf4 and dependencies installed.
HDF5 and netCDF-4 C compiled from scratch.


Aaron Funk
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