[python-users] 2020 Unidata Community Survey

Hello Unidata Community,

As a community-governed program, Unidata depends on guidance and feedback
from educators, researchers, and students in the atmospheric and related
sciences. The 2020 Unidata Community Survey seeks your feedback the range
of data analysis and visualization software packages maintained and
supported by Unidata staff. Your comments and ideas will help Unidata's
governing committees and staff plan our future development activities more
effectively; your participation is much appreciated!

The survey should take fewer than 10 minutes to complete. To participate,
point your browser to:


The survey gives you a chance to describe and comment on your use of
Unidata's various data analysis and visualization software packages. We'd
love to hear your thoughts on how we're doing and what we can do better.

The results of this survey will be made available to community members in
summary form as early as feasible in 2020. Please watch the News@Unidata
blog and Unidata's community e-mail list for an announcement regarding the
availability of the results.

Unidata's governing committees and the Unidata Program Center staff thank
you for your input!

Ryan May, Ph.D.
Software Engineer
Boulder, CO
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