[python-users] MetPy 0.11.0 Released


MetPy 0.11.0 has been released. This is the LAST RELEASE that supports
Python 2.7.

API Changes
* MetPy's copy of the "viridis" colormap is deprecated. Use it directly
from matplotlib instead.
* Deprecated the `tmpk_out` argument for `isentropic_interpolation`; this
will be removed in 1.0. Use `temperature_out` instead.
* `ageostrophic_wind` now issues a `FutureWarning` due to an impending
change to its function signature in 1.0--this will change the signature to
`ageostrophic_wind(heights, u, v, f, dx, dy)` for better consistency with
the rest of the library. To avoid this warning, import the function with
`from metpy.future import ageostrophic_wind`.
* Deprecated the `bounds` argument on `Hodograph.plot_colormapped` in favor
of `intervals` to improve clarity on how to use the argument.
* Removed previously deprecated:
   - `lat_lon_grid_spacing`: use `lat_lon_grid_deltas` instead
   - `cdm` module
   - `GINIFile.to_dataset()`

Fixes and Enhancements
* Several SkewT fixes and enhancements, including reworking the transform
so that it works in screen space; this helps it work much better on oddly
shaped axes. On Matplotlib 3.2, this means that the SkewT maintains
sensible data scaling. SkewT by default also now has sensible plot limits.
* MetPy 0.10.x accidentally picked up a hard dependency on CartoPy, this
has been removed
* Expanded simplified plotting interface with more documentation and
support for `Barbs`
* Several bug fixes for `lcl`, `el`, `lfc`, and `cape_cin`
* No longer require using `.metpy.parse_cf()` to activate coordinate
identification with XArray
* XArray accessor automatically converts problematic '%' units to 'percent'
* Added unit support in `reduce_point_density`
* `wind_direction` now supports specifying the convention (either 'to' or
'from') to support oceanographic applications (default remains 'from').
* Improved numerical stability of geopotential<->height calculations
* Added parsing of more combinations of weather symbols
* Added `specific_humidity_from_dewpoint`, `altimeter_to_station_pressure`,
* `heat_index` now better matches NWS algorithm
* Added `angle_to_direction` to convert wind direction in degrees to e.g.
* Added control of `mask_undefined` on `apparent_temperature`

@ahuang11, @akrherz, @jthielen, @kgoebber, @leouieda, @mgrover1, @sgdecker,
@tjwixtrom, @zbruick, @jrleeman, and @dopplershift contributed code to this

For full release notes see the GitHub release page.

MetPy packages are available for Conda on the conda-forge channel
and for pip from the Python Package Index.

Let us know if you run into any problems, either at MetPy issue tracker,
using support-python@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or on
this list.

You can also ask questions using the "MetPy" tag on Stack Overflow.


Ryan May, Ph.D.
Software Engineer
Boulder, CO
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