Re: [python-users] HWRF ?


Sorry for the delayed response. I'm not aware, even with some digging, of
any HWRF data available in our real-time data feeds, including NOAAPORT and
Conduit. These are the sources that are used to populate

For grib2, you can look at using pygrib, eccodes, or (my preference) use
xarray with cfgrib to read the grib2 into something that looks like the
netCDF data model.

Hope that helps!


On Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 7:00 PM Ken Harris <kjh@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> How do I get hurricane models in siphon / metpy ?
> I don't see HWRF in .
> I only see it here :
> ... but
> that's not netcdf , only grib2.  Does siphon read grib2 ?
> Thanks,
> Ken
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