[python-users] Python @ Unidata: October


Here's your summary of what's going on in the world of Python at Unidata:

---Annual Training Workshop---
Unidata held its annual Python Training Workshop on 17-19 October. 16
people attended and spent 3 days getting an intensive look at using Python.
For those interested but unable to attend, the materials are available


The workshop was also recorded; if all goes well, we'll be posting those
recordings to Unidata's Youtube channel.


If you missed it earlier, MetPy 0.4.1 has been released, fixing a few minor
issues in the 0.4 release made in advance of the workshop. You can see the
release notes for both 0.4.1 and 0.4 here:


Conda packages are available on the conda-forge channel, and pip package
are up on PyPI.

The next MetPy release is scheduled for January 2017, which by sheer
coincidence is when the AMS 2017 Annual Meeting is being held.

Until next time, we welcome your questions and feedback.


Ryan May, Ph.D.
Software Engineer
Boulder, CO
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