[python-users] Python @ Unidata: July


July was a pretty busy month in the world of Python @ Unidata; here are the

---Unidata is hiring!---
We're looking for someone to join our Python team as an entry level
programmer. If you're interested in coming to work on MetPy, Siphon, and
other things as well as do some training, please apply:


Or send to anyone you think might be a good fit. For more info see:

---SciPy 2016---
I was fortunate to attend SciPy 2016, and it did not disappoint. I highly
recommend going if you have the opportunity. For the full write up of my
experience, see:

Videos of talks are here:

My talk on MetPy's infrastructure:

---Farewell to our interns---
Summer has flown by! We said farewell to our summer interns, Alex Haberlie
and Kristen Pozsonyi. Their summer here was very productive for MetPy. Alex
added a bunch of spatial interpolation functions to MetPy, including
natural neighbor interpolation. He also began prototyping some classes in
MetPy to simplify the process of creating map analyses. Kristen greatly
improved MetPy's examples, added quite a few calculations, and helped
identify many places where MetPy needs to improve its experience for new
users. Look for their contributions in future MetPy releases!

---MetPy Update---
In addition to contributions from our interns, MetPy also gained support
for reading data from the University of Wyoming and Iowa State upper air
data archives. These and other additions will be available in the 0.4
release of MetPy, tentatively scheduled for mid-September. To see more on
the current plans, see: https://github.com/metpy/MetPy/milestone/6

---Annual Training Workshop---
Just a reminder that Unidata's Annual Python Training Workshop is 17-19
October. Please share with anyone you think might be interested. For more
information, visit:


Until next time, feel free to send your questions and feedback.


Ryan May, Ph.D.
Software Engineer
Boulder, CO
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