[python-users] Python @ Unidata: June


Here's what's new from the world of Python at Unidata:

Madison Workshop
- During the week of 20-24 June, Sean Arms and Ryan May travelled to
Madison, WI to do 2 2-day workshops on Python for SSEC and University of
Wisconsin AOS. The material was a subset of the annual python workshop
materials (offered again 17-19 October this coming fall!).
  - The workshop as recorded by AOS and is available here:
  - The materials covered are listed here:

Online Python Training
-We at Unidata have completed a pilot effort to create some online Python
training materials. Unlike our python workshop materials, these online
materials are geared towards people new to Python wanting to learn at their
own pace. The set of materials is available at:


We welcome your feedback on these new training materials; while most of
this is probably a bit basic for the subscribers of this list, we'd love it
if you shared it with your colleagues who aren't as experienced and want to
learn Python.

Other Items
-Ryan May wrote a new post on the Unidata Developers' Blog on basic
plotting in matplotlib:
-Kristen Pozsonyi has worked to improve the collection of examples in
MetPy's documentation--now the images from the examples are much more
prominent! Check it out:

As always, comments and questions welcome.


Ryan May, Ph.D.
Software Engineer
Boulder, CO
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