[python-users] JOB: Python programmer/data analyst position at University of Hawaii

>From the University of Hawaii--if you have any questions, I'd suggest
contacting Eric or Jules, whose emails are at the end:

We are looking for a physical oceanographer or meteorologist to join our
small group in support of ocean current profile measurements.  We develop,
install, maintain, and support data acquisition and processing software for
shipboard acoustic Doppler current profilers.  We need someone to
contribute to all aspects of this work, including programming in Python,
processing and evaluating data, and consulting with scientists and
technicians using our software.

For an idea of what we do, see:

For the formal job description, and to apply, use the job listing link on
this page:


Eric Firing (efiring@xxxxxxxxxx)
Jules Hummon (hummon@xxxxxxxxxx)


Ryan May, Ph.D.
Software Engineer
Boulder, CO
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