[python-users] Need clarification on shiftgrid and addcylic

          I am just starting to learn how to plot NCEP reanalysis data
using Python3 and matplotlib and basemap. I have some clarifications on how
to go about doing it.

My dataset is between latitude 5 N to 40 N and 65 E and 100 E.
I am trying to plot geopotential height from NCEP reanalysis data. Here is
my code -

level = 5
time = 0

meters_per_grid = 277830

d = Dataset("hgt_500_2014_12_5_00Z.nc")
hgt =  d.get_variables_by_attributes(axis="hgt")
lon =  d.get_variables_by_attributes(axis="lon")
lat =d.get_variables_by_attributes(axis="lat")
hgt = hgt[::-1]
hgt, lon = shiftgrid(180, hgt, lon, start = False

Why do I get an IndexError: index out of range on shiftgrid call ?

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