[python-users] MetPy Station Plots


Station plots are coming to MetPy! I have a pull request (here:
https://github.com/metpy/MetPy/pull/125) that implements two interfaces for
station plots: one with manual control of each element of the station
model, and another that allows you to hand a dictionary of data to layout
(either built into metpy or custom)

If you're not interested in reading the pull request itself (or the code
implementation), you can look at two example notebooks here:


There's a lot of data wrangling in these examples (which hopefully I can
solve with future MetPy functionality or changes to Unidata's data feed),
but the plotting itself seems straightforward--to me at least.

I'd love any feedback people have about how these work; I'd like to cut a
release of MetPy 0.3 with this over the weekend, so it's a small window
(this functionality has already slipped far longer than I'd like).



Ryan May, Ph.D.
Software Engineer
Boulder, CO
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