20040913: GOES

Topic: GOES-12 RSO  is scheduled for: SEPTEMBER 11, 2004
Date/Time Message Issued: September 11, 2004 2015UTC
Satellite Involved: GOES-12
Instrument Involved: Imager
Products Affected: GOES-12 Imagery
Date/Time of Initial Implementation: September 11, 2004 2026Z
Start date: September 11, 2004 j/d-255
Start time: 2026z
End date: September 16, 2004 j/d-260
End time: 2026z
Reason: Hurricane Ivan
Location: Caribbean Sea
Requestor: TPC

***NOTE: No data- 0359z to 0629z (due to Goes-12 eclipse)!!
>From 0744z to 1044z there will be 1/2 hourly Full Disk Support (for Goes-10 eclipse)!

Contact Point:
NOAA Satellite Services Division Help Desk
(301) 763-8222

Web Sites:
See http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/PS/SATS/GOES/EAST/sched.html and
http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/PS/SATS/GOES/WEST/sched.html for scanning schedules.