GOES-8 Maneuver 01/04/00; Issued 12/27/99

A GOES-8 NORTH-SOUTH Station Keeping maneuver will be performed on Tuesday,
January 04, 2000 at 1622 UTC.  For NWS operations - Due to factors created
by GOES-9 testing, the holidays, and spacecraft attitude becoming a
concern, this is FINAL and ONLY date for this maneuver.  Postponement can
not be requested.   If the NWS regions have any operational concerns,
please contact the NCEP SDM (301-763-8298) at least 6.5 hours prior to the
maneuver time.

On January 4th, the following exclusive schedule will be employed to
support maneuver operations. (*PLEASE NOTE the scheduled GOES-10 full disk
scan period to support the primary GOES-8 data outage):

GOES-8 N-S Station keeping Maneuver Schedule of Operations

Maneuver Schedule starts at 1136 UTC

      1139 UTC Southern Hemisphere data is canceled.

>From 1145 UTC through 1514 UTC -- GOES-8 Routine Imaging and Soundings

>From 1515 UTC through 1544 UTC -- GOES-8 Full Disk Scanning

>From 1545 UTC through 1559 UTC  - GOES-8 Routine Imaging and Soundings

>From 1600 UTC through 1814 UTC -- No GOES-8 Imaging or Soundings

*From 1600 UTC through 1829 UTC -- GOES-10 Full Disk Imaging*

>From 1815 UTC through 0114 UTC (October 27, 1999) -- Abbreviated GOES-8
full disk
(19 minute scan) at XX45 and  Northern Hemisphere Extended (NHE) imaging at
XX15, and ASOS1 coverage soundings only at XX46)

0115 UTC               -- GOES-8 routine imager and sounding schedules

Expect GOES-8 imager and sounder gridding offsets for up to 6
  hours following the maneuver time.

Steve Arnett
Satellite Analysis Branch
Satellite Services Division

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