Data Interruptions During AWIPS Network Control Facility (NCF)

NOUS72 KNCF 092017
During the week of 9 Aug 99, the AWIPS NCF will be undergoing hardware and
software upgrades that will, at times, affect various communications circuits.
The general schedule of NCF upgrade activities is as follows: Tuesday, 10 Aug
99:  New hardware will be installed and cabled into the existing NCF LAN and
Monitor and Control system.  No communications outages are planned during this
phase, however, there is the possibility that an unexpected communications
failure could occur.  The NCF operators will be monitoring this activity
closely, and will advise the field if a problem does occur. Wednesday, 11 Aug
99:  AWIPS Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN) uplinks will be transferred from
existing NCF primary and backup Data Servers (DSs) to new DSs.  This second
phase will cause an interruption of approximately 45 minutes on all four AWIPS
SBN uplink channels including NWSTG, GOES-E, GOES-W, and Non-GOES Imagery and
DCP circuits.  NWSTG data will be queued during this process, so none of this
data will be lost.  However, no queuing of the satellite imagery is possible,
so any of the GOES/NonGOES imagery scheduled during this outage will be lost.
The circuit down time is planned to occur between 11/1200Z and 11/1500Z.
Thursday, 12 Aug 99:  The third phase is to upgrade software on the existing
NCF DSs.  This upgrade will interrupt AWIPS Message Handling System (MHS)
traffic from field sites through the NCF for two 10-minute periods.  This will
affect timely delivery of AWIPS WAN text messages from the NCF to the NWSTG.
These interruptions will be spaced over about a two-hour period.  Since BIS and
CRP are the only AWIPS sites operating in the commissioning mode, the NCF will
coordinate directly with these sites.  These outages are planned to occur
between 12/1300z and 12/1500Z The SDM and NWS/OSO will provide final
authorization to proceed with the NCF upgrade, providing no significant weather
events are projected during the proposed outage times.  If weather becomes a
problem, the upgrade will be delayed 24 hours.  If weather problems persist
beyond 24 hours, the NCF upgrade will be delayed until the following week. A
message will be transmitted to the field just prior to the commencement of the
communications interruption on Wednesday, and a follow-up message will be sent
upon completion of that portion of the NCF upgrade. NCF

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