19990412: GOES-10 Maneuver Reminder - Issued 4/12/99 (fwd)

A GOES-10 East-West Station Keeping maneuver will be performed on
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 at 1107 UTC. For National Weather
Service operations: The backup date, and last window of
opportunity, for this maneuver is Thursday; April 15, 1999.

If the NWS regions have any operational concerns, please contact the NCEP
SDM (301-763-8298) at least 6.5 hours prior to the maneuver time.

On April 13th, the following exclusive schedule will be
employed to support maneuver operations: (*Note - GOES-8 Full
Disc scanning to provide coverage during the maneuver.*)

Maneuver Schedule begins at 0605 UTC

>From 0606 UTC through 1044 UTC -- Routine Imaging and Soundings
    Except Keep Out Zone (KOZ) operations will permit only Southern
    Hemisphere Imager scans with NO soundings from 0822 to 0959 UTC.

>From 1045 UTC through 1229 UTC -- No GOES-10 Images or Soundings

*From 0815 UTC through 1244 UTC -- GOES-8 Full Disk Imaging*

>From 1230 UTC through 1929 UTC -- GOES-10 Abbreviated Full Disk
                                   and Northern Hemisphere imaging, with
ASOS1 Soundings.

1930 UTC                   -- GOES-10 Routine Scan Operations Resume

Expect GOES-10 imager and sounder gridding offsets for up
to six hours following the maneuver.

A maneuver cancellation may cause changes to this schedule.


Steven Arnett
Satellite Analysis Branch

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