19990409: Network Outage Scheduled For April 15, 1999 - Issued , 4/8/99 (fwd)

The message below was received from Harold J. Kelly (Jerry) National
Weather Service and on April 15, 1999 there may possibly be impacts or
delays to the following 1830 UTC to
2130 UTC products:

GOES-8/10 Sounder and Imager ASOS products
GOES-8/10 DPI products
GOES-8/10 Winds Products and
Outside access to satellite imagery during this time period.

In addition to the product effects of the network outage scheduled for this
afternoon:  SAB generated messages such as those pertaining to tropical
storm classifications and summaries and volcano messages,  will not be
available during the outage, but will become available after the outage.
Also, home pages and data servers here will not be accessible via the
internet during the outage (SSD Home Page for instance).

Steve Arnett



Well folks here we go again.

On Thursday April 15th the Network Support Staff will be taking the
network down again at the Federal Building-4 (FB4) facility between the
hours of 2:30pm to 5:30pm. As you know last week we removed our
equipment from the comms room to allow the asbestos abatement team in to
remove the asbestos. The purpose of this down time is to move all of our
communications equipment back into the communications room

This outage will affect the following systems and the networks that they
are connected to:

 The IBM Class-8 Computer System
 Internet access  (Cisco Router "SUITGATE-A")
 Internet access  (Cisco Router "SUITGATE-B")
 Power Hub-101
 Power Hub-102
 Power Hub-103
 Power Hub-108
 Power Hub-106
Cisco Router "ADEOS-A
Cisco Router "ADEOS-B

All of the above systems will remain up however they will not be
accessible through the network

If have any questions or concerns please contact Jerry Kelly
(301)763-8000 ext. 7134 or PRC Network Support Staff (301)763-8600

Thank You

Harold J. Kelly (Jerry)
National Weather Service
USSB / Networking and Facilities Project
5200 Auth Road Room 307
Camp Springs, MD 20746
Phone (301)763-8000 Ext 7134
Fax (301)763-8381
Email Harold.Kelly@xxxxxxxx

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