Re: [netcdfgroup] netCDF-C 4.8.0 (now with ncZarr!) now available

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  • Subject: Re: [netcdfgroup] netCDF-C 4.8.0 (now with ncZarr!) now available
  • From: "H. Joe Lee" <hyoklee@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2021 19:00:24 -0500
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Hi, Ward!

  I'm trying to convert a pure Zarr to GeoTIFF via GDAL and
HDF5 via NCO using the new netCDF library.
However, I have some trouble in following your NUG:

  "NCZarr versus Pure Zarr.

The NCZARR format extends the pure Zarr format by adding extra objects such
as _.nczarr_ and _.ncvar_. It is possible to suppress the use of these
extensions so that the netcdf library can read and write a pure zarr
formatted file. This is controlled by using mode=nczarr,zarr combination.
The primary effects of using pure zarr are described in the Translation

I tried a few different modes but none worked for reading Zarr file:

~/src/netcdf-c-4.8.0/ncdump$ ./ncdump -h
=zarr,file: NetCDF: internal library error; Please contact Unidata support
~/src/netcdf-c-4.8.0/ncdump$ ./ncdump -h
ncdump: zclose.c:223: zclose_type: Assertion `type &&
type->format_type_info != NULL' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

Am I correct in using the "mode=zarr,file" for pure Zarr?
By the way, ncdump works fine on sample test nczarr files.


- Joe
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On Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 5:39 PM Ward Fisher <wfisher@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello all,
> The Unidata netCDF team is happy to announce the availability of netCDF
> 4.8.0, now with Zarr support (nczarr)!
> This release extends the netcdf-c library to provide access to cloud
> storage (e.g. Amazon S3 by providing a mapping from a subset of the full
> netCDF Enhanced (aka netCDF–4) data model to a variant of the Zarr data
> model. The NetCDF variant is called NCZarr. It is possible for other
> implementations, such as Python Zarr, to read this variant. This
> implementation can optionally read and write using the pure version 2 Zarr
> storage format. It also can optionally support the XArray _ARRAY_DIMENSIONS
> extension to Zarr.
> In addition to this new functionality, the release notes appended to the
> end of this announcement detail some of the other changes, improvements and
> bug fixes included in this release.
> Please see the following links for more information:
>    - Github release page:
>    - v4.8.0 Documentation:
>    - NCZarr Documentation:
> Kudos to Dennis Heimbigner for the technical implementation of nczarr, and
> our thanks to the members of the Zarr working group and our community who
> have collaborated with us so patiently on this!
> Our next priority is to get caught up on the backlog of PRs and issues
> blocking the next releases of netCDF-Fortran and netCDF-CXX4.
> Thank you all very much, have a great day!
> -Ward
> Ward Fisher
> wfisher@xxxxxxxx
> UCAR/Unidata - Software Engineer
> NetCDF Team Lead
> Full Release Notes4.8.0 - March 30, 2021
>    - [Enhancement] Bump the NC_DISPATCH_VERSION from 2 to 3, and as a
>    side effect, unify the definition of NC_DISPATCH_VERSION so it only needs
>    to be defined in CMakeLists.txt and See Github #1945
>    <> for more information.
>    - [Enhancement] Provide better cross platform path name management.
>    This converts paths for various platforms (e.g. Windows, MSYS, etc.) so
>    that they are in the proper format for the executing platform. See Github
>    #1958 <> for more
>    information.
>    - [Bug Fixes] The nccopy program was treating -d0 as turning deflation
>    on rather than interpreting it as “turn off deflation”. See Github
>    #1944 <> for more
>    information.
>    - [Enhancement] Add support for storing NCZarr data in zip files. See 
> Github
>    #1942 <> for more
>    information.
>    - [Bug Fixes] Make fillmismatch the default for DAP2 and DAP4; too
>    many servers ignore this requirement.
>    - [Bug Fixes] Fix some memory leaks in NCZarr, fix a bug with long
>    strides in NCZarr. See Github #1913
>    <> for more information.
>    - [Enhancement] Add some optimizations to NCZarr, dosome cleanup of
>    code cruft, add some NCZarr test cases, add a performance test to NCZarr.
>    See Github #1908 <> for
>    more information.
>    - [Bug Fix] Implement a better chunk cache system for NCZarr. The
>    cache now uses extendible hashing plus a linked list for provide a
>    combination of expandibility, fast access, and LRU behavior. See Github
>    #1887 <> for more
>    information.
>    - [Enhancement] Provide .rc fields for S3 authentication:
>    - [Enhancement] Give the client control over what parts of a DAP2 URL
>    are URL encoded (i.e. %xx). This is to support the different decoding rules
>    that servers apply to incoming URLS. See Github #1884
>    <> for more information.
>    - [Bug Fix] Fix incorrect time offsets from ncdump -t, in some cases
>    when the time units attribute contains both a *non-zero* time-of-day,
>    and a time zone suffix containing the letter “T”, such as “UTC”. See Github
>    #1866 <> for more
>    information.
>    - [Bug Fix] Cleanup the NCZarr S3 build options. See Github #1869
>    <> for more information.
>    - [Bug Fix] Support aligned access for selected ARM processors. See Github
>    #1871 <> for more
>    information.
>    - [Documentation] Migrated the documents in the NUG/ directory to the
>    dedicated NUG repository found at
>    - [Bug Fix] Revert the internal filter code to simplify it. From the
>    user’s point of view, the only visible change should be that (1) the
>    functions that convert text to filter specs have had their signature
>    reverted and renamed and have been moved to netcdf_aux.h, and (2) Some
>    filter API functions now return NC_ENOFILTER when inquiry is made about
>    some filter. Internally, the dispatch table has been modified to get rid of
>    the complex structures.
>    - [Bug Fix] If the HDF5 byte-range Virtual File Driver is available
>    )HDf5 1.10.6 or later) then use it because it has better performance than
>    the one currently built into the netcdf library.
>    - [Bug Fix] Fixed byte-range support with cURL > 7.69. See [
>    - [Enhancement] Added new test for using compression with parallel
>    I/O: nc_test4/tst_h_par_compress.c. See [
>    - [Bug Fix] Don’t return error for extra calls to nc_redef() for
>    netCDF/HDF5 files, unless classic model is in use. See [
>    - [Enhancement] Added new parallel I/O benchmark program to mimic NOAA
>    UFS data writes, built when –enable-benchmarks is in configure. See [
>    - [Bug Fix] Now allow szip to be used on variables with unlimited
>    dimension [].
>    - [Enhancement] Add support for cloud storage using a variant of the
>    Zarr storage format. Warning: this feature is highly experimental and is
>    subject to rapid evolution [
>    ].
>    - [Bug Fix] Fix nccopy to properly set default chunking parameters
>    when not otherwise specified. This can significantly improve performance in
>    selected cases. Note that if seeing slow performance with nccopy, then, as
>    a work-around, specifically set the chunking parameters. [
>    - [Bug Fix] Fix some protocol bugs/differences between the netcdf-c
>    library and the OPeNDAP Hyrax server. Also cleanup checksum handling [
>].* [Bug Fix]
>    IMPORTANT: Ncgen was not properly handling large
>    data sections. The problem manifests as incorrect ordering of
>    data in the created file. Aside from examining the file with
>    ncdump, the error can be detected by running ncgen with the -lc
>    flag (to produce a C file). Examine the file to see if any
>    variable is written in pieces as opposed to a single call to
>    nc_put_vara. If multiple calls to nc_put_vara are used to write
>    a variable, then it is probable that the data order is
>    incorrect. Such multiple writes can occur for large variables
>    and especially when one of the dimensions is unlimited.
>    - [Bug Fix] Add necessary _
> *declspec declarations to allow compilation of netcdf library without
>    causing errors or (*declspec related)
>    warnings [].
>    - [Enhancement] When a filter is applied twice with different
>    parameters, then the second set is used for writing the dataset
>    [].
>    - [Bug Fix] Now larger cache settings are used for sequential HDF5
>    file creates/opens on parallel I/O capable builds; see Github #1716
>    <> for more information .
>    - [Bug Fix] Add functions to libdispatch/dnotnc4.c to support
>    dispatch table operations that should work for any dispatch
>    table, even if they do not do anything; functions such as
>    nc_inq_var_filter [].
>    - [Bug Fix] Fixed a scalar annotation error when scalar == 0; see Github
>    #1707 <> for more
>    information.
>    - [Bug Fix] Use proper CURLOPT values for VERIFYHOST and VERIFYPEER;
>    the semantics for VERIFYHOST in particular changed. Documented in
>    NUG/ See [].
>    - [Bug Fix][cmake] Correct an issue with parallel filter test logic in
>    CMake-based builds.
>    - [Bug Fix] Now allow nc_inq_var_deflate()/nc_inq_var_szip() to be
>    called for all formats, not just HDF5. Non-HDF5 files return NC_NOERR and
>    report no compression in use. This reverts behavior that was changed in the
>    4.7.4 release. See [].
>    - [Bug Fix] Compiling on a big-endian machine exposes some missing
>    forward delcarations in dfilter.c.
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