Re: [netcdfgroup] [Hdf-forum] How to dump netCDF to JSON?

Pedro Vicente <pedro.vicente@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> In any event, FYI, I have implemented a similar thing but in a
>> narrower domain.  I needed to map VOTable [1] (an xml format with a
>> defined data model for astronomy) to HDF5.
>> The code is on github [2].  It is mainly meant to be used as a
>> library, but the code also builds a simple program that converts files
>> between formats.
> ok, thanks,
> I did a clone of
> but it seems there is not a build system?

It has a build system, but is missing an INSTALL file :( I have now
added one.

> by the way HDF5 has its own table API, it seems you did not use it

Correct.  The tablator library reads the metadata to set up the column
types and the number of rows.  Then populating the table is a binary
read().  I needed the absolute best performance, and this strategy
avoids the need to parse each column and row.  This puts some limits
on what kind of HDF5 tables it can read.  For example, it can not
handle variable length strings.

Walter Landry