[netcdfgroup] Can I remove older version of libnetcdf.so from /usr/local/lib?

           Recently I upgraded to netCDF 4.4.0 from netCDF 4.3.2. In both
cases the install directory was specified to be /usr/local/lib

When I compile my fortran program using ifort I get this
ld: warning : libnetcdf.so.7 needed by /usr/local/lib/libnetcdff.so may
conflict with libnetcdf.so.11.

So can I go ahead and remove the older versions from the lib directory and
recompile whatever program I am using  to the recent version of netCDF or
is there a way to massage this without removing the different versions?

Maybe someone has a script to remove the older version of netCDF i,e,
uninstall version x? :-)