[netcdfgroup] Renaming dimensions and retaining their values

           I have a netCDF4 file that I downloaded using nccopy and
OPenDAP. I want to be able to rename few of the dimensions in that
file(read that as coordinate) while retaining the values of the same.

I tried using the nco operator(nco version 4.6) specifically the ncrename

This is the command that I issued - ncrename -d lat,dimy_D hgt_925.nc and
it does rename the dimension.

However it removes the values that are associated with lat.

I modified the input to ncrename and I tried this -

ncrename -d lat,dimy_D -v lat,dimy_D hgt_925.nc. This does give values for
dimy_D but it gives  them the value as 9.9.2510E36. Short of writing my own
program to rename my coordinate variables is there any other utility out
there that will help me do the same ?