Re: [netcdfgroup] Superblock version 0

HDF says the (superblock format) differences are:
Version 0 is the default format
Version 1 is the same as version 0 but with the “Indexed Storage
       Internal Node K” field for storing non-default B-tree ‘K’ value.
Version 2 has some fields eliminated and compressed from superblock
        format versions 0 and 1. It has added checksum support and
    superblock extension to store additional superblock metadata.
Version 3 is the same as version 2 except that the field “File
     Consistency Flags” is used for file locking. This format version
      will enable support for the latest version.
It is possible that the H5Pget_version indicates not the true number,
but rather the lowest externally detectable version number or some such.
Do you have a pure hdf5 1.10 file to see that superblock number is
reported by ncdump -hs?
Or did you do a hex dump to see what is actually in the superblock?
=Dennis Heimbigner

On 6/3/2016 4:11 PM, Dave Allured - NOAA Affiliate wrote:
Netcdf group,

My team is starting to test netcdf-4.4.1-rc2 with the latest HDF5
library, currently 1.10.0-patch1.  I see that netcdf-4 files are now
being generated with superblock version 0 for the first time in the
history of netcdf-4.  Presumably this is a result of the recent format
compatibility fix in 4.4.1.

All the older netcdf-4 files that I sampled, back to the original
netcdf-4.0 (2008), were created as superblock version 2.

Are there any indications whether superblock 0 will be robust and
interoperable, going into the future?


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