[netcdfgroup] HDFql 1.1.0 Release

Dear all,

Big thanks for the encouraging feedback for HDFql! We are happy to announce the 
release of
HDFql 1.1.0.

This version includes:
- New "ENABLE CACHE" operation (users can now configure cache per file or 
- New "SHOW CACHE" operation (users can now view cache configuration per file 
or dataset)
- Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
- Updated reference manual
- (For more details, please check the release notes at

What's next? HDFql 1.2.0 will be released soon - expect the following goodies:
- Support of extendible datasets
- Support of compound datatypes
- Support of enumeration datatypes
- Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy managing HDF data simpler, cleaner, and 
faster with HDFql

HDFql stands for "Hierarchical Data Format query language" and is the first 
tool that enables
users to manage HDF files through a high-level language. HDFql allows users to 
both read and
write HDF files across a variety of operating systems and programming languages 
Linux, OS X; C/C++, Java, Python, C#). Designed to be simple to use and similar 
to SQL, HDFql
dramatically reduces users' learning effort and time needed to manage HDF 
files. / hdfql.com