Re: [netcdfgroup] NF90_GET_VAR from netcdf-fortran-4.4.3 release does not work with compound user defined type variable

On 04/22/2016 10:37 AM, Arlindo Arriaga wrote:
Dear all

NASA has decided to change formats of MODIS data files with ocean biology
products from hdf4 to netcdf-4, and my software turned useless.  I was asked
to change my Fortran executables from hdf4 to netcdf-4. After training
myself to get control on using netcdf-4 library functions of Fortran
interface, I hit on a road bloc: the function NF90_GET_VAR  to read datasets
works well for arrays of single types (integers or reals) but NOT for
compound user defined types, like the structure sstdata

real(kind=4) :: sum
real(kind=4) :: sum2
end TYPE binSST

TYPE(binSST), allocatable, dimension(:) :: sstdata

In case someone has hit on a similar problem or has a suggestion, I would
kindly appreciate the help.
I work in Linux (Ubuntu) 64 bits, and the Fortran compiler is gfortran.


Are you trying to use compound variables using nf90_def_compound, a la:

I've used these before and they seem to work well. If not, what does your code look like?


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