Re: [netcdfgroup] [Hdf-forum] Looking for HDF and netCDF employment

the  email was not directed specifically at the "HDF Group"

It was for any  employer that happens to read this mailing list and  needs a 
HDF software engineer.

sorry for not making that clear

Pedro Vicente

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  Please keep this list for HDF technical related discussions only.
  If you or anyone to that matter are interested in any positions we have here:

  Please forward a resume to HPC@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  Thank you,

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  Subject: [Hdf-forum] Looking for HDF and netCDF employment

  I am currentlly looking for HDF and netCDF employment, either a full time 
position or a project contract.

  My resume is available here

  Here are some of the most successful HDF/netCDF projects I did:

  HDF Explorer:

  HDF Explorer is a data visualization program that reads HDF and netCDF. 
  30,000 users downloaded so far HDF Explorer, and it is one of the leading HDF 
products in the market.

  HDF Group (2001-2009). 

  I was a member of the HDF Group from 2001-2009. 
  During this time I developed some of the most successful HDF command line 
tools and APIs:

  â The HDF5 Lite API consists of higher-level functions which do more 
operations per call than the basic HDF5 interface.
  â The HDF5 Image API defines a standard storage for HDF5 datasets that are 
intended to be interpreted as images.
  â The HDF5 Table API defines a standard storage for HDF5 datasets that are 
intended to be interpreted as tables.
  â The HDF5 Dimension Scale API defines labeling dataset dimensions with 
another dataset.
  â h5diff, command line tool that compares two HDF5 files and reports the 
  â h5repack, command line tool that  copies an HDF5 file to a new file with or 
without compression/chunking.

  Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee (2009-2015).

   â Development of HDF5 software for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). 
   â Improved performance of SNS software by use of HDF5 in comparison to the 
NeXus format. 
  University of California at Irvine (2012-2014).

  â netCDF operators (NCO), integration of netCDF API group hierarchy into NCO.

  I am currently developing an open source project regarding data formats, 
called Data Explorer
   Donations are welcome

  Pedro Vicente


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