[netcdfgroup] Creating a NetCDF file for VisIt with an unstructured grid


I have a relatively simple task. I have 2D data, of dimension 200x100 that
belong to an unstructured grid that contains X and Y, both of which are
dimension 200x100.  In other words, I have DATA = f(X,Y).

I'm trying to plot this in VisIt, but am having a tough time applying the
unstructured grid to the actually data.  In MATLAB, for example, this is
easily accomplished with surf(X,Y,DATA), but I'm having difficulties
finding the equivalent in NetCDF.  How do I do this?  Is this problem
solved in NetCDF or in VisIt?

I am using the Python library NetCDF to transform unformatted Fortran data
into NetCDF format.  I have read this page (
but I do not understand how to do this with the NetCDF library in python.
 Should I use another data format besides NetCDF?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.