[netcdfgroup] Building netcdf-4.2 on Windows



I know this is a broken record, but has anyone successfully built netcdf-4.2
on Windows?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  I need a very basic build:
no DAP, no curl, no parallel, dll.  I am desperate.  I have not attempted a
build since the refactor (4.1.1). 


My current efforts show that a 32-bit build chokes on hsize_t:


libsrc4\nc4hdf.c(2050): error C2275: 'hsize_t' : illegal use of this type as
an expression

1>          c:\lib\hdf5-1.8.8\src\H5public.h(151) : see declaration of


typedef unsigned long long       hsize_t;


I tried both VS 2010 and Intel compilers.


Kind Regards,

Roy Dennington


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