Re: [netcdfgroup] which netCDF for MacOS?

Roy Mendelssohn <Roy.Mendelssohn@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> If I understand the message correctly, Netcdf creates it's Fortran  
> bindings to C using cfortran.h to define how things are passed, see  
>  The error  
> suggests that the intel compiler isn't included.
> To be certain, find the cfortran.h file in he Fortran folder and see  
> if it defines the intel compiler. If it does, include in the Fortran  
> flags -Dwhateverthenames
> If you can't find the Intel compiler, I believe there is one for  
> AbsoftProUnix so adding -DAbsoftProUnix or whatever the name is might  
> work.
> Also, I believe cfortran.h is only used for f77, not for F90.  So if  
> you only need F90. exclude in the configure.  I forget the exact  
> option for this, but do ./configure --help and it should tell you how  
> to do that.

Howdy Roy!

No, actually the F90 API is built atop the F77 API, so you need F77 to
work if you want to use F90...


Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx