[netcdfgroup] help with installing netCDF on Apple - Leopard

Dear NETCDF Userlist,
Has anyone had any luck with installing netCDF on APPLE? In particular, has anyone sucessfully installed the netCDF libs with the new Leopard OS on it (64-bit).

I tried to install netCDF libs on my MAC PRO, which has the new Leopard OS on it (64-bit).

I tried installing both netcdf 3.62 and netcdf 4 beta; I could not get pass the second step of installation (make check).

I am using Intel's ifort and icc as my FC and CC compilers

terminal history:

bash-3.2$  ./configure --enable-64bit > netCDF-Beta-Apple.log
bash-3.2$ make check
make: *** No rule to make target `check'.  Stop.

I have also attached a log of the configure file.

Would anyone have any suggestions to help me here?
Erik Noble

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