Re: [netcdfgroup] Netcdf checker problem

Hi Philippe :

It looks ok to me, probably bug in the checker. I would send your message to 
the cf mailgroup.

BTW, Id like to get a sample file if possible.


Philippe Poilbarbe wrote:

For a new satellite launch, we have decided to use NetCDF files to
deliver product data.
They will be CF-1.0 compliant and we are checking our definitions with
the online checker (

For a variable (in fact for all variables which have the flag_values
attribute) we
have the error message:

ERROR: Attribute flag_values of incorrect type

The variable definition is:

byte alt_echo_type(time) ;
        alt_echo_type:long_name = "altimeter echo type" ;
        alt_echo_type:_FillValue = 127b ;
        alt_echo_type:flag_values = 0b, 1b ;
        alt_echo_type:flag_meanings = "ocean_like non_ocean_like" ;
        alt_echo_type:coordinates = "lon lat" ;

As recommended in the CF-1.0 documentation, the type of the
flag_values attribute is the same as the variable one.

So here is my question: what is wrong ? In my definition or
in the checker ?