[netcdfgroup] Organise data in netCDF

Hi all!

I'm Miquel from Barcelona's university (EPSC-UPC). I'm actually working on a
project where we using netCDF file standard. I've been reading documentation
about, but there's still something about netCDF that I can't understand. My
doubts are all about how to organise data.

Let's supose a simple example. One variable, temp, depending on two
dimension, lat & lon both of legnth 1. After creating my netCDF file, that's
what I can see with 'ncdump temp.nc'

netcdf temp {
        lat = 1 ;
        lon = 1 ;
        double temp(lat, lon) ;

// global attributes:
                :history = "example file" ;

 temp =
  _ ;

temp is empty, that's ok! But seems like I created 1X1 array. My original temp
data is an array of 10e6 values. How can I do netCDF files in order to load
this kind of array with 10e6X1 dimensions? How can I organise if temp
depends on lat(1),lon(1) and depth(20e6), where depth is another variable
with different length of temp?

Thanks in advance for your help and your time,