[netcdfgroup] netCDF operators NCO version 3.9.2 are ready

The netCDF operators NCO version 3.9.2 are ready.

http://nco.sf.net (Homepage)
http://dust.ess.uci.edu/nco (Homepage "mirror")

First, the NCO licenses have changed from GPL2 (code) and FDL1.1
(documentation) to GPL3 (code) and FDL1.2 (documentation).

Second, 3.9.2 also introduces ncap2 printing and type-conversion
and beta-support for UDUnits2. As usual the latest build
and compile tweaks have been made to improve portability.

Finally, the major user-visible change is that the default attribute
if any, specifying the value of data to ignore has (finally) changed
from "missing_value" to "_FillValue".
Supporting both of these attributes simultaneously is not practical.
Hence the behavior NCO used to apply to missing_value's now applies to
_FillValue's---missing_value's are now treated as normal data.
The NCO user's guide shows how to ease migration to this new behavior.

A. Change from GPL2 to GPL3

B. UDUnits2 beta-support. Compile with 'UDUNITS2=Y', send us feedback.
   Binaries (RPMs, Debs) still use UDUnits1. Thanks to Steve Emmerson.

C. Ignore data equal to _FillValue (rather than missing_value)
   Hints and examples to handle new or to revert to old behavior:

D. Improved Documentation:
   Working with non-standard grids, e.g., 2D grids fxm

E. ncap2 continues to grow more powerful (Henry Butowsky)
   All functions (e.g., cos(), avg()) are now available as methods
   (e.g., var.cos(), var.avg(x,y))
   Demonstration scripts ~/nco/data/[bin_cnt.nco,psd_wrf.nco]

F. ncap2 supports type conversion (Henry Butowsky)
   ncap2 -s 'big_int=uint64(small_int)+double(small_int);' in.nc out.nc

G. ncap2 now prints variables and metadata (Henry Butowsky)
   ncap2 -s 'foo=1;print(foo)' in.nc out.nc

H. Pre-built, up-to-date, Debian Sid & Ubuntu binaries are available.

I. Pre-built, up-to-date, RPM packages are available.

J. Reminder: NCO support for netCDF4 features is tracked at


   NCO currently supports netCDF4 atomic data types and compression.
   NCO 3.9.2 with netCDF4 support should work with HDF5 1.8 beta2
   and netCDF4 snapshot20070822 and newer.

   export NETCDF4_ROOT=/usr/local/netcdf4 # Set netCDF4 location
   cd ~/nco;./configure --enable-netcdf4  # Configure mechanism -or-
   cd ~/nco/bld;./make NETCDF4=Y allinone # Old Makefile mechanism

The next release will debut a user-friendly version of SWAMP, the NCO
server-side processor (http://dust.ess.uci.edu/ppr/ppr_WZJ073.pdf).

Charlie Zender, Department of Earth System Science, UC Irvine
Visiting LGGE until 20080715 :) Voice: 011+33+476+824236
Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Geophysique de l'Environnement
BP 96, 54 rue Moliere, 38402 Saint Martin d'Heres Cedex, France