Objective-C wrapper for netCDF

I have written Objective-C interfaces to the basic netCDF C-library. This started as a small piece of a larger project (reading chromatography data files), but I have expanded it to cover the full function of the netCDF library. As of version 0.4.1, I think it is ready enough to be tried by other people. The main features are:
*  implements netCDF-3.6.1 or higher
*  object-oriented interface
*  reads, writes and creates netCDF data files
* Macintosh version provides an installable universal binary framework for OSX 10.3 or higher
*  Linux-GNUstep version is source-only, and builds a shared library
*  API documentation in HTML
*  sample application for testing
*  free open-source license

The packages are available at http://www.mt-se.com/nc-1 and you can also browse the documentation.

While this software has worked well for me, it has not been stress tested with big datasets or high-performance applications. I would like to see how well it stands up. Also, if there are any issues involving trademarks or licenses, I would appreciate those comments. The API has evolved over three years, and is still open to change; suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Mark Tracy

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