python interface

Hi all,
I am in the process of reviewing the python interface to netCDF I use
for accessing our data files. I am extremely puzzled now.

Up to now I have always used the ScientificPython module, which does
more or less what I want it to. However, the website seems to have
disappeared. Some searching around revealed the download page:
ScientificPython seems to be under active development.

I am also a user of some form of numerical array extension to python. I
started with Numeric, then ported my code to numarray. However, it seems
Numpy is the extension to use. 

Further looking around it seem the only netCDF interface supporting
Numpy is PyNIO. However, this package seems to only come as a binary and
is compiled only using Python 2.4. This is not really acceptable since I
really don't want to depend on some package which I cannot change if I
have to and which forces me to use a specific python version.

So I am wondering what python package for netCDF I/O other can


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