Re: Can you recommend a netCDF convention for satellite time series data?

Hi Ken:

I dont know anything about this kind of data, but

is worth reading.

When you have a format, I'd be happy to comment on it.

Ken Tanaka wrote:
Hi All,

We are planning to archive geomagnetic time series data from
geostationary satellites. The data are measured on GOES geostationary
satellites, and consist mainly of 4 floating point values, 3 component
vectors and 1 total magnetic intensity. The data are available at two
frequency formats, half second (512 ms) and 1 minute. We will be
converting a simple binary format into the netCDF standard for archive.

Does anyone here recommend a netCDF convention for this type of data? If
there is not a geomagnetic convention for netCDF, what would be the closest?

For navigation, the measurements are in-situ, but not located near the
surface of the Earth. The component intensities are measuring magnetic
field at the satellite, but they are defined in terms of North, East,
and Earth-ward. The satellites are geostationary, but there can be very
slight orbital inclination variations of less than .5 degrees, and
ground control can choose to alter the longitude as well (normally done
only for replacing old satellites with new ones). As far as
visualization tools go, is there any advantage to including the
latitude, longitude and geostationary altitude of 35,786 km? That is, we
could put it on a map, but it's debatable on whether it should be
presented that way.


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