Re: 4GigB variable size limit


Thank you very much for correcting my misunderstanding. Now that I'm on 
the same page as you, I agree with you that CDF2 will meet our needs for 
awhile more.

I had been reading from the FAQ the answer to the question "Have all 
netCDF size limits been eliminated?" which states:

Each fixed-size variable and the data for one record's worth of a record 
variable are limited in size to a little less that 4 GiB, which is twice 
the size limit in versions earlier than netCDF 3.6.

I saw the phrase 'one record's worth' and then missed that 'a record 
variable' is singular. This is definitely my mistake. That said, others 
might be less likely to repeat my mistake if that read 'a single record 

Thanks again, Keith

Keith Lindsay      
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