Re: compilation error


try to add following lines into compile command,

-L/share/dam/packages/netcdf-3.6.0-p1/x86_64/lib -lnetcdf

or, just add


i hope this solve your problem.
best wishes,

Ufuk Utku Turuncoglu
ITU, Informatics Institute
Computational Science and Engineering Programme

Battalgazi Yildirim wrote:


I am trying to use compile simple f90 file as follows

g95 -c -I/share/dam/packages/netcdf-3.6.0-p1/x86_64/include test.f90
Fatal Error: While reading module 'netcdf' found module version 0, expected 3.

my test.f90 is very simple file just includeing the following lines


program test

use netcdf
implicit none

end program test

do you have any idea what it is wrong?


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