netCDF operators NCO version 3.2.0 are ready

The netCDF operators NCO version 3.2.0 are ready. (Homepage) (Homepage "mirror")

Release 3.2.0 contains a small ncwa bugfix, new ncea/ncecat features,
new ncap2 features, configure support for AIX, and RPMs with ncap2.

A. Arithmetic bugfix:
   The rmssdn method now correctly normalizes cases where N=0 or N=1.
   It returns the missing value (when present) or an error (if not).
   Thanks to Scott Capps for sending up the flare.

B. List handling has changed so that explicitly excluded variables
   need not be present, e.g., "-x -v var_not_present" will not fail.
   Previously, excluded variables had to be present.
   Thanks to user Derecho for suggesting this.

C. Documentation bugfix:
   Some ncap2 standard deviation examples neglected the anomaly step.

D. Documentation bugfix:
   ncap and ncap2 have never accepted the -d hyperslab argument.
   Thanks to Andrew Wittenan for pointing this out.

E. ncap2 ( grows more powerful.
   Henry has added support for RAM variables. See ~/nco/data/
   Once threading and for loops are done we'll document it all.

F. Pre-built, up-to-date, Debian Sid binary packages are available.
   Debian/Ubuntu users may get them from
   "apt-get install nco" also retrieves these versions

G. Pre-built, up-to-date, RPM packages are available, e.g.,

Charlie Zender, surname@xxxxxxx, Department of Earth System Science
3228 Croul Hall, UC Irvine, Irvine CA 92697-3100. (949) 824-2987 :)

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