Problem with some Fortran compilers using --disable-v2

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I imagine the following is of little interest to most of the netCDF community, but perhaps this warning will help some poor lost soul in the future...

The --disable-v2 flag was introduced into the netCDF configure script at 3.6.2-beta3. It suppresses the building of the netCDF-2 API. However it causes a problem for some Fortran compilers. The problem arises because contains declarations for version 2 functions: nccre, ncopn, etc (see the section beginning at line 1113, entitled "begin netcdf 2.4 backward compatibility". However these functions do not appear in the library when --disable-v2 has been used.

So, any time is included in a Fortran source file there will be declarations for version-2 functions that are (presumably) not referenced in the executable code. Some compilers (g77, gfortran) ignore them, but other compilers (g95, Cray f90) insert entries in the object file indicating that these functions are undefined and need to be supplied during linking. With the latter compilers, the linker will give an error.

This is essentially the same compiler-dependent problem that occurred when a declaration for nf_set_log_level (a netCDF-4 function) was added by mistake to in 3.6.2 beta6 or thereabouts.

The solution is pretty obvious: remove the offending lines from At the moment, is not modified during the netCDF build process. so you'll need to do that yourself.

Mark Hadfield          "Ka puwaha te tai nei, Hoea tahi tatou"
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